Clients and partners

You can benefit from the Technocentre and its members by requesting our consulting services or attending to our workshops in various ICT related fields. Our members work primarily in the following sectors:

  • Multimedia services
  • Web and mobile development and production
  • Telecommunication services


Innovative businesses and organisations

Thanks to its specialization, the Technocentre and its members are in a position to appropriately advise all regional businesses and organizations that require their services. The Technocentre ensures that organizations are using information technology and communication to its full potential. They can help businesses in different fields (such as wind energy, fishing, tourism, etc.) to enhance their practices regarding their use of ICTs.


Involvement in education

The Technocentre hopes to position the region ahead of competition in terms of training and developing a qualified ICT support and mobile applications development workforce.

To do this, the Technocentre is committed to strengthening the relationship between knowledge institutions and the Technocentre’s member businesses in order to better tie the educational offer and workforce support to the needs of the ICT sector. This is accomplished by organising meetings with teaching establishments and members of the Technocentre; information gathering; analyzing the market’s workforce needs; developing continuing education or customized education, etc.