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This awakening workshop presents the main interests in using Facebook professionally. What are the foundations of this social network, what differentiates personal use from professional use, what kind of business links can be maintained, etc, with examples to support. Other social networks of interest to companies are also presented. Following this presentation, you will be able to better understand which communication directions are appropriate for your business.
Online business
This workshop looks at the pros and cons of e-commerce for businesses. What does it mean as an organization, what forms e-commerce can take, how to go about it and where you can go. There is a wide range of opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. You will be able to guide some decisions following this presentation.
This presentation will teach you the basics of networking in business: first, what is networking? What do we need as a business infrastructure? What are the benefits and gains that can be made as a company by developing our technological tools? What are the pitfalls to avoid and the costs that can be created? Following this workshop, you will be able to better understand the importance of networking for your business.
Collaborative applications
This workshop presents the characteristics of the different collaborative applications available to companies: whether it is Google applications for work, the MIcrosoft Office 365 solution, or others, what are the advantages? What are the impacts on our organization and our work team? What are the challenges and risks that can arise when it comes to cloud computing? Questions that you will get answered in this presentation.
Free and open source software
This workshop presents the features and benefits of free software and the challenges for the company to make the transition to open-source solutions. First, what is free software and why use it? What are the differences with proprietary software? What are the costs and impacts of such a transition? Who develops and uses free software? So many issues that will be addressed, and more.